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Our Commitment to Biosecurity

We understand that scrupulous biosecurity is the best way to prevent the spread of AI. For this reason, we’ve introduced extra measures to reduce the risk when we visit farms for assessments.

Our Biosecurity Measures
What Our Assessors Need to Know
Our Biosecurity Measures
  • Training our assessors on the latest biosecurity practices ahead of the AI high-risk period
  • Regular washing of assessors’ vehicles to ensure all mud and debris are removed
  • Enhanced disinfectant procedures when there’s a high risk of AI, including spraying of vehicle wheels with DEFRA-approved disinfectant on arrival and departure from your farm (in addition to your own wheel washes)
  • A new internal website for assessors, giving them access to the latest information on AI across all the devolved nations.
  • Where to park
  • What PPE is needed and what you will provide
  • Details of current health issues affecting the site
  • Your policy on the length of time that should pass since the assessor last had contact with pigs or poultry
  • Any other biosecurity measures we should be aware of
  • Using foot dips, sanitising facilities and wearing foot coverings
  • Carrying FFP3 face masks and disposable gloves
  • If moving between sheds, following your lead on where to take off and put on additional PPE
  • At the end of the visit, all PPE will be removed in the outer biosecure area and returned to you for disposal
  • Spraying the wheels of any vehicles parked on the main site on departure

Hopefully, these measures will reassure you how seriously we take biosecurity, and our commitment to keeping your birds safe when we visit.

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