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The RSPCA Assured Logo

The RSPCA Assured ethical food label makes it easy for consumers to recognise products from animals that have had a better life and been raised to higher welfare standards.

For a product to be labelled RSPCA Assured, all aspects of an animal’s life must have been covered by the RSPCA’s welfare standards by members of the RSPCA Assured scheme, from farm, to transport, to abattoir.

What Does the RSPCA Assured Logo Mean?

When you see the RSPCA Assured logo next to egg, fish, meat and dairy dishes, you know the farms and all other stages in the supply chain have been assessed to the RSPCA’s marketing leading farm animal welfare standards. So, consumers can be reassured that the animals have had a better life.

Use of the RSPCA Assured logo is subject to the following:
  • RSPCA Assured Membership 
  • Product Traceability
  • Levy Payment
  • Written approval from RSPCA Assured 

The RSPCA Assured label can appear on physical and digital menus, websites and shelf labelling, as long as you are a member of the RSPCA Assured scheme. This means using ingredients sourced from RSPCA Assured farms and paying a licence fee to use the label.

To ensure the label is used correctly, there is a simple approval process to follow.

Step 1: Speak to Your Supplier

Find out what RSPCA Assured ingredients they can supply.

If they are unable to supply RSPCA Assured ingredients, you can contact our partnerships team for help, or consult our supplier directory to see where you can source RSPCA Assured products or ingredients.

Step 2: Licence Fee

The use of our label carries a small licence fee to cover the administration costs. We aim to keep this as low as possible.

Your supplier will pay this on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about reporting to RSPCA Assured.


Step 3: Marketing

Contact our marketing team to let us know that you will be using the RSPCA Assured label. They will be able to advise you on how to promote your product and how to promote RSPCA Assured on your menu.

Step 4: Sign the Agreement

By signing our membership agreement you confirm that you will use the RSPCA Assured label according to our brand guidelines (see below).

Step 5: Artwork Approval

Submit to for approval, and then for re-approval if changing menu format, for example.

Complete our proformer (see below) to register your product.


Accuracy of Claims

It is important to ensure that any such use of the RSPCA Assured label is not misleading in any way: for example, by using the label in such a way that could imply that the whole of a business or range of products

Other Ingredients

Use of the RSPCA Assured label may be rejected if the product or dish contains eggs, pork, chicken or salmon that are not RSPCA Assured or are from a system with unacceptable welfare. These include cage eggs, white veal, foie gras and pork raised on slats or in farrowing crates.

Only Our Label

RSPCA Assured and the RSPCA are separate charities. Members of RSPCA Assured are granted permission only to use the RSPCA Assured logo.

As a member of RSPCA Assured, you do not have licence to use the RSPCA brand name or logo.


Technical Support for Using the RSPCA Assured Logo
Size of Logo

The size must be 10mm minimum width, preferably 15mm where space permits or 40px wide online.

The RSPCA Assured label must appear as illustrated below and must not be altered in any way with the words ‘certification mark’ clearly displayed beneath.


Space Around Logo

The label must be at least half its width from any other element or the edge of the artwork. As illustrated, the words ‘certification mark’ must be positioned beneath the logo.

The label must be presented within its white rectangle when on anything other than a purely white background. The size of the rectangle proportionate to the size of the logo must not be altered.


The Colour of the Logo

The label must be full colour, unless using a limited colour print process. If it is not possible to use the full-colour logo, it must be reflex blue and white or black and white. If neither reflex blue nor black is possible please contact our marketing team for further advice.

RSPCA Assured logo
RSPCA Assured logo blue
RSPCA Assured logo black

PANTONE 1375 CMYK 50M 90Y RGB 246 146 32 HEX f69220

PANTONE Reflex Blue CMYK 95C 65M RGB 0 88 165 HEX 0058a5

PANTONE 206 CMYK 10C 96M 41Y 2K RGB 211 28 91 HEX d31c5b

PANTONE Reflex Blue CMYK 95C 65M RGB 0 88 165 HEX 0058a5

PANTONE Black CMYK 100K RGB 0 0 0 HEX 000000


Legal Requirements for Using the RSPCA Assured Logo
RSPCA Assured Ingredients
  • 100 per cent of the animal-derived ingredients in a product or dish are RSPCA Assured: the label may be used beside a dish.

  • More than 50 per cent of the animal-derived ingredients, and the primary* animal-derived ingredient, are RSPCA Assured:  the label may be used beside a dish with the relevant systems and ingredients clearly stated beside the mark, ‘Free Range Chicken’, for example.

  • 50 per cent or less of the animal-derived ingredients, and the primary* animal-derived ingredient, are RSPCA Assured: the label may be used elsewhere on a menu.

  • Five per cent or less of the animal-derived ingredients are RSPCA Assured: the words ‘RSPCA Assured’ may be used beside the relevant ingredient in the list of ingredients.

*the animal-derived ingredient constituting the greatest percentage of all animal-derived ingredients

Titles & Descriptions

The words RSPCA Assured may only be used in the title or description of a product or dish if all the animal-derived ingredients are RSPCA Assured and make up more than 50 per cent of all ingredients.

However, it must be separated from any other brand name or unrelated wording by a line break or full stop and must be followed by the principal RSPCA Assured ingredient, for example: ‘RSPCA Assured beef mince’.

Rearing System

Pork and poultry products or dishes must clearly state the rearing system on the menu or elsewhere. For more information regarding rearing system definitions please visit our guide to pig-rearing systems.

Supporting Statement

The label must always be accompanied by a line of text that states which ingredient is RSPCA Assured elsewhere on the pack, menu or web page.

Please do not attribute any other statements (such as quality or flavour) to RSPCA Assured or combine such statements with our label.

Verbal Marketing

In all verbal marketing communications, such as television and radio, RSPCA Assured must be described in one of the following two ways:

RSPCA Assured [product/dish] from/by [brand]

e.g. RSPCA Assured pork from McDonald’s

[Brand’s] [product/dish] carrying the RSPCA Assured label.

e.g. McDonald’s pork fillet carrying the RSPCA Assured label

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