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Advice for Poultry Farmers Around Avian Influenza

Avian influenza (AI) season is approaching, and we’re aware this can be a challenging and stressful time, not just for our members, but across the entire industry.

That's why we would like to try and offer as much support as much as we can during this concerning time. To help, we have brought together updates regarding our assessment process with some tips to improve your flock’s welfare during a housing order.

Farm Assessments During AI Season 

From 16 October 2023, all RSPCA Assured members will receive an onsite visit for their annual assessment. Unless your farm is within a 10km or 3km AI control zone or there is a compulsory housing order. In either case, members can choose a virtual visit at an additional fee.

RSPCA Assured laying hen members will receive notification of updates to the RSPCA's welfare standards in autumn 2023. These will help improve the welfare of the birds during housing orders.

We hope this information and guidance will be of use to you and help keep your flock happy and healthy.

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