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Becoming An RSPCA Assured Member

We are the UK’s only farm assurance scheme dedicated solely to improving farmed animal welfare. By becoming an RSPCA Assured member, you will be making a significant difference to the lives of farmed animals. 


The Benefits of Becoming RSPCA Assured

As a member, you will have access to:

  • Our Member Portal: Exclusive additional support and information to help you make the most of your membership.
  • Our Engagement Team: Dedicated support to guide you through the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards and our Chain of Custody requirements.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: Filled with important industry updates, member success stories and vital industry updates.
  • Social Media & Marketing Support: To help you amplify your products and business to reach a wider audience.
  • Wellbeing Advice: Access to mental health support.


Our Welfare Standards

All farms on the RSPCA Assured scheme must comply with the RSPCA’s stringent higher welfare standards. These standards cover every aspect of the animals' lives such as food and water, shade and shelter, handling, and more, from birth through to humane slaughter. You must read and comply with all the relevant RSPCA welfare standards before applying and being assessed, and maintain those standards throughout your membership.


Before You Apply

Please read the following

When You're Ready To Join

Simply click below, complete our Enquiry Form, and our Membership Services Team will be in touch shortly to guide you through the application process.

After We Receive Your Application

Once your application has been processed and we are in receipt of your membership fee, we are ready to start planning your first assessment.

Your initial assessment must be carried out within 12 weeks of your application being received. That's the maximum but we always try to come sooner.

Assessments typically take around two and a half hours depending on the size and type of operation, although your first assessment may take a little longer.

You can find out more about your assessment on the link below.

As a Member of RSPCA Assured you Agree to:
  • Adhere to the RSPCA welfare standards and RSPCA Assured membership agreement at all times throughout your membership and not do anything that could damage the organisation’s reputation
  • Pay an annual membership fee based on the size and type of operation if you are a producer, and a licence fee if you are a processor/packer selling RSPCA Assured produce
  • Submit to an annual assessment by an RSPCA Assured assessor.
  • Allow RSPCA Assured assessors access to your premises, facilities, livestock, produce and records to confirm compliance with the RSPCA welfare standards, RSPCA Assured traceability standards and membership agreement as applicable
  • Immediately inform RSPCA Assured of any previous convictions or pending prosecutions relating to any offence involving the care, handling, rearing, transport, slaughter or sale of animals or produce
  • Contact us within 24 hours in case of disease, withdrawal/recall of produce, mislabelling, or being charged with an offence; or within five days in the case of higher than normal mortality or breakout, a change in circumstances, facilities, contact information, suppliers or a non-routine inspection by Trading Standards, the police or similar body
  • Treat our staff with respect
  • Only use the certification marks as per the RSPCA Assured membership agreement and brand guidelines, and obtain prior written approval
  • Remove the RSPCA name and certification marks from all communications, return your certificate and inform your customers should your RSPCA Assured membership be discontinued
Scheme Integrity
Important Information for Poultry Members

As an animal welfare charity, we take allegations of negligence and cruelty very seriously. A number of steps are taken to allow RSPCA Assured to investigate each complaint fairly and consistently and to ensure that no animals are currently at risk.

You risk your RSPCA Assured membership being suspended or withdrawn if you do not maintain the RSPCA welfare standards at all times, especially if you are found to have a major welfare non-compliance or brought the organisation into disrepute

All units must be stocked before your first assessment for them to be Certified. Any empty units will require a further revisit at a cost of £199.00 including VAT.

Please contact Membership Services before your assessment if this applies to discuss your situation further.




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