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Advice for Managing Flooding on Your Farm

Immediate Action to Take During a Flood

In England, you can contact the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60

In Scotland, please refer to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Report and Document the Situation

Maintain a log of your reports including the dates. You can do this by collecting evidence, such as videos and photos, showcasing the flood's effects on your property. Ensure all damages, regardless of value, are photographed as they can be significant.

Gauge the Impact on Existing Schemes

The RPA has recently released advice for properties affected by floods. This includes government services (TB testing and animal movement), as well as various environmental and forestry schemes.

If you're worried about how the flood impacts your agreement with an agri-environment scheme, consult the guidelines and contact the Rural Payment Agency.

If your concerns are regarding schemes managed by the Forestry Commission, such as the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO), please refer to the guidelines and contact the Forestry Commission if necessary.

Guidance for Recovering After a Flood

The EA can help to ensure that you can undertake the necessary work to recover from flooding, using emergency provisions where possible. It can do this provided it is safe for you to do the work and the work doesn't cause any greater risk of flooding.

Download the EA's advice on what to do after a flood: Flood recovery advice for the agricultural sector

Further Assistance Regarding Flooding on Farms

See the latest alerts, guidance and information on flooding, including tips on using your mobile to send an emergency message or to share your location.

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