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Chain of Custody

To sell your RSPCA Assured raw material or product using our registered name and certification mark, everyone in the supply chain must be a member, have an audit, and source products from certified RSPCA Assured suppliers.

RSPCA Assured products must be traceable from farm to fork and comply with our Chain of Custody Standards. Members are required to keep accurate records and provide them during an audit or via a traceability proforma when requested.

To maintain product authenticity, RSPCA Assured ingredients and raw materials need to be clearly labelled and segregated to avoid mixing with non-scheme products.

Transactional documents, including invoices, receipts, dispatch notes and intake sheets must itemise each product sold as RSPCA Assured and include your licensee number. Products that are not sold as "RSPCA Assured" will break the chain of custody and mean your customers will be unable to sell on your product using our name and logo.

We have been working closely with industry stakeholders to establish a comprehensive set of guidelines to achieve the following:

  • ensure product authenticity through submitting a traceability proforma, product lists and implementing transparent and traceable supply chains from farm to fork
  • protect everyone in the supply chain from the producers and processors right through to the end-user
  • maintain brand integrity
  • safeguard consumer confidence
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