Meat chicken breeds accepted for use within the RSPCA Assured scheme

Meat chicken breeds accepted for use within the RSPCA Assured scheme

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Aviagen Chicken Breeds

The following breeds have been independently assessed according to the RSPCA’s broiler breed welfare assessment protocol and have been accepted for use within the RSPCA Assured scheme.  

The RSPCA broiler breed welfare assessment protocol assesses breeds for several key welfare outcome measures, including growth rate, leg health and mortality. All of the trials are independently carried out to ensure impartiality.


Breed       Date         Indoor  Free range

JA 757      09/2006*    Yes         Yes

JA 957      09/2006     Yes          Yes

JA 787      08/2020     UD**       UD**

JA 987      08/2020     UD**       UD**

Norfolk     12/2019      Yes         Yes

JACY57   08/2020      Yes         Yes


Breed       Date         Indoor  Free range

Ranger     05/2017       UD**        No

Ranger     05/2017       Yes          Yes

Rambler   09/2017       Yes          Yes
Ranger ​

If you are interested in conducting a trial or have any questions, please contact the RSPCA farm animals department

This breed has been used under the RSPCA scheme for many years.

In 2006 the RSPCA welfare standards for chickens restricted genetic growth rate to 45g/day; this breed was acceptable for use under this standard.

In 2013 the RSPCA welfare standards changed from permitting a maximum genetic growth rate per day, to requiring breeds to be independently assessed according to the RSPCA broiler welfare assessment protocol. The JA757 is the control bird in this protocol and, as such, is not subjected to re-testing every eight years.

** Breeds listed as being under derogation are in the process of being further improved.