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The RSPCA Assured logo

The RSPCA Assured ethical food label makes it easy for consumers to recognise products from animals that have had a better life.

For a product to be labelled RSPCA Assured, all aspects of an animal’s life must have been covered by the RSPCA’s welfare standards by members of the RSPCA Assured scheme - including on-farm, in transport and at the abattoir.

Our assurance differentiates your product and adds value to your business, which could help you get a better margin.

The RSPCA has 96% prompted awareness and is by far the most recognised animal welfare charity in the UK.

It also consistently appears in Third Sector and PR Week’s charity brand index top 10, which is based on - amongst other things - levels of awareness and trust.

There are more than 2,000 RSPCA Assured labelled products in retail, including lines in AldiCo-opLidlOcado and Sainsbury’s.

It’s predicted that the number of labelled products will increase by 200% within five years.

Using the logo? You must be a member!

All uses of the RSPCA Assured certification mark and the words RSPCA Assured are strictly subject to membership and artwork approval.

The RSPCA Assured logo

The RSPCA Assured logo is used to indicate products and dishes that contain animal-derived ingredients from farms that meet the RSPCA's welfare standards.

Using the RSPCA Assured logo is strictly subject to being a member of the RSPCA Assured scheme, involving complete product traceability, levy payment and prior written approval from RSPCA Assured. 

The RSPCA Assured logo for customers

For customers, the RSPCA Assured logo is an assurance that the products they are buying come from farms that have been assessed and met the standards set out by the RSPCA. 

Only members are permitted to feature the RSPCA Assured logo on their products. Download our style guide with info on how to use the RSPCA Assured logo.

Where the RSPCA Assured logo comes from

In 2014, Freedom Food became RSPCA Assured and as such, we needed a new logo that would be easily recognisable and immediately communicated to customers what they were getting when they bought RSPCA Assured products. 

The RSPCA Assured logo features a chicken, a pig and a salmon, representing poultry, large livestock and aquaculture. 

The colours of the RSPCA Assured logo

The yellow, blue and magenta of the RSPCA Assured logo make it striking and eye-catching, so customers can easily identify products on packed supermarket shelves when shopping. 

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