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How to use the RSPCA Assured label

The RSPCA Assured label assures your customers that ingredients are from certified, higher welfare RSPCA Assured farms. To ensure the label is used correctly, there is a simple approval process to follow.

Speak to your supplier to find out what RSPCA Assured ingredients they can supply. If they can’t supply RSPCA Assured ingredients, please contact the Corporate Partnerships Team for help, or consult our supplier directory to see where you can source RSPCA Assured products or ingredients for your business.

The use of the label carries a small licence fee to cover the administration costs of RSPCA Assured. We keep this as low as possible to encourage more people to use the label. For example, on eggs the cost is 5p per 360 eggs, and on meat and poultry it’s 0.375% of the wholesale price*. Your supplier will pay this on your behalf so you don’t need to worry about reporting to RSPCA Assured.

*Information correct at the time of publication.

Contact to let us know that you will be using the RSPCA Assured label, and talking about RSPCA Assured sourcing on your menu.

We will then ask you to sign an agreement to confirm that you will use the RSPCA Assured label according to brand guidelines.

Artwork approval - submit artwork to for approval, and then for re-approval if changing menu format, for example.*

*We always try to respond to artwork approvals as soon as possible. However, please allow us 72 hours in case we need advice from the RSPCA’s farm animals or legal departments.


As a member of RSPCA Assured you do not have licence to use the RSPCA brand name or logo without the express permission of the RSPCA.

RSPCA Assured and the RSPCA are separate charities. Members of RSPCA Assured are granted permission only to use the RSPCA Assured logo. 

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