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How to talk about RSPCA Assured with your customers

Tips on talking about RSPCA Assured with your customers

If you aren’t very confident talking about RSPCA Assured with your customers, we are more than happy to help you improve their understanding of the benefits of your business’ RSPCA Assured certification.

Here are some examples you might want to consider talking about, but there is also no obligation to use them:

  • We’re proud to use RSPCA Assured ingredients, because it means that the animals in our supply chain have lived a better life.
  • We use RSPCA Assured Free Range chicken, which means that they have more room to roam indoors and greater access to the outdoors.
  • We only use RSPCA Assured pork, and are pleased to know pigs are never kept in cages or crates which restrict their movement.
  • We only use RSPCA Assured eggs, meaning the hens who produced them have extra things to help them carry out their natural behaviour.
  • We use RSPCA Assured milk, which guarantees that cows can graze outdoors, whenever weather permits, throughout the year.
  • RSPCA Assured shares our values in encouraging people to only opt for higher welfare produce, if they eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy.
  • If your customers want to find out more information, please refer them to the RSPCA Assured website.


Supporting statement
The label must always be accompanied by a line of text that states which ingredient is RSPCA Assured elsewhere on the pack, menu or web page.

Please do not attribute any other statements (such as quality or flavour) to RSPCA Assured or combine such statements with our label.

Verbal marketing
In all verbal marketing communications, such as television and radio, RSPCA Assured must be described in one of the following two ways:

  • RSPCA Assured [product/dish] from/by [brand] e.g. RSPCA Assured pork from McDonald’s
  • [Brand’s] [product/dish] carrying the RSPCA Assured label. e.g. McDonald’s pork fillet carrying the RSPCA Assured label
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