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An introduction to RSPCA Assured

The RSPCA has been a pioneer in farm animal welfare since it began almost two hundred years ago, and it continues this work today, developing market leading welfare standards for farm animals which are used globally.

Almost thirty years ago, it pioneered the labelling of higher welfare products to reassure consumers, with the development of RSPCA Assured (then known as Freedom Food). Over 12% of UK animals are now RSPCA Assured, including over 90% of Scottish salmon and free range eggs.*

*From a representative sample of 2,000 exclusive UK consumers. Data correct at time of publication (2022).

What does it mean?
When you see the RSPCA Assured logo next to egg, fish, meat and dairy dishes, you know the farms and all other stages in the supply chain have been assessed to the RSPCA’s marketing leading farm animal welfare standards. So, consumers can be reassured that the animals have had a better life.

Why use the RSPCA Assured logo?

  • Welfare is a key issue for customers71%* of UK public say they care about animal welfare
  • Instantly recognisable logoUsed in all major UK food retailers on over 1,400 products
  • Provides reassurance to customersMost trusted higher welfare label in the UK
  • Low licence feee.g. 5p per 360 eggs
  • Easy to useDedicated support team at RSPCA Assured
  • Easy to source product Supplier Directory to easily source RSPCA Assured

Key welfare provisions
Unlike some other schemes, these standards cover every aspect of an animal’s life from birth to slaughter, including food and water provisions, their environment, handling, healthcare and transportation. RSPCA Assured members must abide by the standards in order to be a member of the scheme and are audited at least once a year to ensure these standards are upheld.

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