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Remote Farm Assessments

As of w/c 13th December 2021, we have taken the decision to suspend physical visits to poultry units only in light of the continued spread of Avian Influenza. You can find more information on this decision and the next steps here.

Together with our certification body, we have written and tested and implemented a series of remote assessment protocols. These have been kept as similar to our physical on-site assessments as possible to ensure your continued certification while reducing the need to carry out numerous follow-up visits once we find ourselves in a more normal situation.

Live-streaming assessments
These will be carried out via live streaming through platforms such as Whatsapp and Google Meet.

When you are due for an assessment, your assessor will contact you in advance to discuss how this works and to ensure you are able to participate using one of the accepted methods.

Continued on-site physical assessments
In-person assessments are still carried out on farms where

  • incidents/complaints relating to animal welfare have been reported, or
  • as part of any special measures already agreed with the member

New applicants
New applicants are being reviewed on a
case-by-case basis and, wherever possible we are conducting on-site audits.

Contact us
As always, if you have any concerns regarding your membership, certificate expiry or you have further questions about assessments in the current situation, please
contact us.

Updating your contingency plans
Please remember to keep your Emergency Contingency plans up to date and to get in touch with us as soon as possible if you foresee any potential issues around animal welfare, so we can help you maintain your usual high standards.

Care for your wellbeing
We value your wellbeing as much as we do the welfare of your animals. If you have any concerns about being isolated or poorly, and therefore unable to look after your livestock, please contact us. Remember that the Farming Community Network is also there if you need to talk on 0300 111 999

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