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Advice for flooding

Advice for dealing with flooding on your land as well as the long-term asks the NFU is putting to the government to help ease pressures farmers are facing with current wet conditions.

Here are the first steps to take if you and your farm business have been hit by wet weather.

Step 1: Report incidents to the Environment Agency incident hotline by calling 0800 80 70 60. Remember to keep a record of what you report, and when.

Members should also start to gather evidence including videos, pictures and flooding impacts on your farm separately.

Step 2: If you are concerned about compliance with the greening crop diversification and EFA rules then the NFU can help. Contact Call First on 0370 845 8458 and let them know the following:

How extreme weather has impacted your farm business

How your 2020 harvest crop diversification plan has been impacted.
The NFU will then collate this information to support any asks of the government to help you update your plans and received funding.

For more help and advice on flooding please visit

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