More than half of shoppers recognise RSPCA Assured label

More than half of shoppers recognise RSPCA Assured label

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RSPCA Assured - the RSPCA’s ethical food label - has achieved 58% recognition amongst its target market (young professionals and families) four years after it re-branded from Freedom Food.

This is more than two and a half times the awareness level (19%) measured when the new logo first launched in 2015, exceeding the charity’s expectations. General consumer awareness has also continued to increase from 15% in 2015 to 51% today.

The news comes as the farm assurance scheme celebrates its 25th year and nearly 25 million animals - plus many millions of salmon and trout - being farmed to the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards under the scheme.

This is a 54% increase in terrestrial farm animals since the scheme rebranded in 2015, and equates to about 11% of the UK farming market. The majority of Scottish salmon farms are also now under the scheme.

Commenting on its success Clive Brazier, CEO of RSPCA Assured, says:

“Despite a difficult political backdrop of uncertainty for the food and farming industry, these 

results continue to reflect the growing trend for ethical food and are further reassurance that consumers are standing firm by farm animal welfare.”         

Added to this, the scheme has today reported it now has nearly 1,300 different labelled products. Further, the amount of food carrying the RSPCA Assured label increased by nearly 25% between 2016 and 2018. Brazier continues:

“The RSPCA set the scheme up in 1994 with the aim of improving the welfare of as many farm animals as possible. Twenty five years on and with nearly 25 million animals - plus millions of fish - now being farmed under the RSPCA Assured scheme, we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved.

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But we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of all our members, retail and restaurant partners, and without consumers increasingly demanding higher welfare products. 

“And with their support, we are confident that whatever challenges or opportunities Brexit may bring, RSPCA Assured will continue to deliver further benefits for farm animal welfare, the food industry and consumers alike.” 

More than 3,694 farms, abattoirs, processors and packers are now members of the scheme. Reflecting on its achievements one of its original members, David Brass from Lakes Free Range Eggs, says:

“About 95% of free-range and barn eggs now come from RSPCA Assured farms. That’s more than 20 million birds, which is an incredible

achievement and something all of its laying hen members should be really proud of. And not only has the scheme helped improve the welfare of hens, but so many other farm animals too.

“For me, ensuring the health and welfare of our birds is at the heart of everything we do. So from the outset becoming a member of Freedom Food, the best scheme for animal welfare - which became RSPCA Assured - was the only way for me to farm.”

Date: 24 Oct 2019