Good animal welfare

Good animal welfare

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Farming to RSPCA welfare standards has been shown to lead to healthier animals, lower mortality and a better quality product.

A study in the RSPCA’s ‘Everyone’s a winner’ report in 2006 found that compared to standard meat chicken production, those reared under the RSPCA Assured scheme showed:

  • An 82% reduction in hock burn
  • A 65% lower mortality rate
  • A 46% reduction in foot pad burn

Many of our other members, across the different species, have reported similar benefits to animal health and welfare.

They also tell us that operating to RSPCA welfare standards has improved their working environment and job satisfaction.


      • Our scheme assessors and the RSPCA farm livestock officers are highly trained and all have relevant industry experience
      • RSPCA Assured has a dedicated marketing team committed to raising awareness of the scheme, its members and their products

The RSPCA welfare standards cover every aspect of animals' lives, including feed and water provision, the environment they live in, healthcare, transport and humane slaughter. 

They're set by the RSPCA's team of farm animal welfare experts and are based on leading scientific, veterinary and practical industry expertise. 

Challenging but practical, the standards are designed to ensure all animals have everything they need for a better quality of life, whether they're kept on large or small farms, indoor or outdoor production systems.


  • We are UKAS accredited by NSF International UK to ISO 17065 ensuring that the scheme is official, uniform and fair
  • RSPCA Assured is the mark consumers tell us they want, understand and trust